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Benefits of On Demand

  • Customized, tailored solutions and capabilities to suit organizational need and unique requirements, scaleable and accessible 24/7
  • Collaborate, prepare, baseline, benchmark, conceptualize and custom design, resource and timelines through seamless implementation. Be up and running in no time to better empower sales teams and customers to interface, interact, streamline and develop business relationships more effectively, meaningfully, timely, affordably and even more importantly profitably and mutually rewarding to both company AND customer!
  • Streamline sales processes, steps, interactions, cycles and pipeline management, in effect maximizing any and all marketing and sales undertakings and effectiveness within your organization, including contact centers, call and customer support and or service centers.
  • Anticipate, monitor, track and improve customer loyalty through effective and active relationship management and superior services in and as an integrated effort and coordinated, informed and networking force.
  • Foster cross-functional, multi-layered and faceted organizational client support and servicing across your organization for ultimate client satisfaction. Empowered and relevant, timely decision making and responsive, smarter, well-thought out and expeditious decisions from, between and across all layers, departments and levels of the organization, including : management, sales, services, and marketing teams, consistently and seemingly effortlessly providing stellar customer service.
  • Mobilize and unleash a lean, targeted, streamlined, informed and empowered sales force, effective and profitable.
  • Become agile as a serious market-competitor, scaleable, capable and prepared for unanticipated growth, responsive to needs, wants, trends , sensitive to customer demands and optimizing every opportunity to mutually benefit from customer relationships: existing, potential or new.
  • Utilizing innovative and under-utilized tools, channels, tactics and techniques on a single platform, technology and web-enabled, to manage and coordinate all customer interactions, dialogues, contacts, communications, issues, enquiries, complaints and exchanges - thereby maximizing and spotting opportunity.
  • Customer-centric and focused, organizations should make it a priority to build more intimate, one-on-one, personalized and customized, profitable customer relationships, while actively focusing on lowering operating costs, seeking mutually beneficial opportunities and relationships that will last and grow the business.

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eSalesTrack web based Sales Force Automation
helps you in automating all the following tasks with ease:

  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Product Management
  • Quota Management
  • Product Catalogs Creation
  • Activity Management
  • Setting up Customizable Dashboards
  • Custom Status Reporting
  • Sales Document Storage
  • Lead Routing
  • Lead Assignment
  • Territory Management
  • Event Calendaring
  • Task Management
  • Partner Tracking
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Pipeline Visibility
  • Sales Analytics
  • Sales Process Guide
  • Customization Analytics