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Critical Success Factors

There are numerous potential reasons why CRM deployments at organizations often fail:

  • Missing the basics principles for launching CRM on-demand (IT and business)
  • Post-launch issues potential failure, spiraling out of control, lack of knowledge on how on-demand CRM works, benefits and are different from traditional on-site or consultative, IT-intensive and costly services.
  • Lack of clear business goals, case and objectives -missing the purpose and intent, which business problem/issue to solve/address, measurable benefits to justify the investment - lofty goals are often too general in nature and scope, leading to problems in expectation, design, execution and functionality or expectations.
  • Lack of active sponsorship, project-lead or executive championing to ensure above details are voiced, discussed, addressed, met and providing impetus and regular process and progress checks, ensuring sustained momentum and outcome.
  • Often seen as a technology-driven or an IT-led project, the project often takes on the character of a technology focus, rather than a project or business focus - not given the same priority, urgency, budget etc. and diminishes user buy-in in the end. It is mistakenly thought of as systems and technology issue mainly, rather a basic concept, business process approach, linked to business, process and people.
  • Lack of organizational readiness for CRM - maturity and business process sophistication can halt or hinder project progress.
  • Unrealistically wide project scope - huge challenge, multi-faceted goals, across sales and order management for example all at once, as of day one.
  • Needs to be planned with meticulous attention to detail, terrain and uncertainties of the road ahead - a modular approach is required and prudent - gradual.
  • Insufficient change management resources within the business to nurture the change effort and solution once in place, mistakenly seen as IT support and does not get a lot of allocated training, maintenance dollars, insufficiently budgeted for.
  • No buy-in from end-users - naturally motivated to use it - is a wrongful assumption ,deliver tangible benefits that will make their jobs easy - need to demonstrate how and why it is helpful.
  • Allocating funds only to work miracles with no clear defined goals and objective and expecting wonders. Unrealistic expectations.
  • Organizational change and company politics - companies do not starts CRM, people do - dynamic visionaries, not finding allies amongst decision-makers.
  • Absence of a sufficient dry-run, pilot period initially - validate business goals and objectives, functionality and product delivery - normally damage-control or short-term need focus only.
  • Poor data quality - rubbish in rubbish out! Will affect credibility and usage.
  • Complex international, global solutions, costly with no real business justification - for the sake of having it - an expensive exercise - seen often as a subtle way of HQ control and not bought into right away.
  • Poor international and cross-functional project and database management.
  • Business cycle approach as opposed to real-time, quarter-cycles, workshops and prototype-like environments and deployments.
  • RFP's and statement of requirements are a lengthy process at times, detailed customization, sometimes unusable end-product, due to same followed process.
  • In the increasing web-enabled world and business-environment, there are also very real concerns about security and compliance and the sharing of confidential information, encryption, mobile solution challenges, multi-platforms and standards and other issues to consider early on in any project.

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