eSalesTrack Dealer Network ePartners and ISV's for eSalesTrack.

eSalesTrack Dealer Network

Are you interested in joining a growing team of on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service consultants? At Soleran, we are building a network of sales trainers, technology professionals, and business consultants who have contacts in small to medium-sized enterprises, a solid grounding in the principles of CRM and eSalesTrack usage, and an uncanny ability to communicate value propositions. Apply now.

As a member of the eSalesTrack Dealer Network, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increase your credibility as a CRM solutions provider
  • Enhance your profitability through service, sales and training.
  • Enable clients to improve customer service by eliminating information gaps
  • Integrate client data collection and analytics
  • Simplify client communication across entire organizations

You know your customers. We know on-demand CRM.

Apply to Be an eSalesTrack Dealer

In the form below, we'll ask you to describe your company and dealer relationship opportunity. In evaluating dealers and partnerships, we look at many factors evaluating both the estimated return for our partners as well as for eSalesTrack. We also evaluate potential dealers and partners based on:

  • Ability to add value to and complement the eSalesTrack product
  • Sales or Business Development resources
  • Marketing resources
  • Ability to extend to new verticals and reach new customer opportunities
  • Overall company or dealer representative strength

Visit our Contact Page to let us know you are interested in being an ePartner.